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returners's Journal

the returners
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This Livejournal functions as the news thingy for Returners.com, a website devoted to and run by the east coast guerilla rocktronica band The Returners. By adding this journal to your friends list, you'll automatically get the news feed through your friends page, get it?
'erotic' magnetic poetry (...), 'it must be horrible', 'onion cells'(?), 'peter gabriel 4'(not 'security'), 'rippcage', 'something to do', 'that's hot', 'this is the road', 1970's movie trailers, ace of base, agent orange skies, anti-discopunk/emodisco, balls chief, being inexplicably pro-booze, bob welch's 'difficult' albums, break your femurs, cheesy fiesta potatoes, city island in harrisburg, cold stone creamery freakouts, crabs crabs crabs, cyberboogie, doing it well, dr. lawrence angelo, e-roo-tik, effects pedals, erotomechanics, fashion party, fishnet anything, fishnet knickers, free booze, fuzzzzzzz, getting on the joybus, hans rüdi motherfucking giger, harmony joybuses, hazard stripes, hoarding love letters, hoarding mexican food, hoarding smoothies, ian astbury, industrial music+making out, jamie miller, jealousy, jim moginie, joe jackson, joker rock to:, jonas "joker" berggren, josh homme, keeping it real, kicks and bricks, kissed in the eye, kmfdm, ladies love cool shoop, lambert on will+grace (wtf), leaving work unnoticed, loaded pb+j's, long john silvers freakouts, looking back in anger, lovethief jailors, martin gore, mat devine, mat devine's journal, mexican food freakouts, murray liking eiffel 65(wtf), natalie imbruglia, omg pope in yearbook, omg yearbook pope, one-legged pants, pennywhistles, peter gabriel, pvc anything, pvc knickers, qdoba freakouts, rhythm of the heat, ridley scott, robofuk, root beer freakouts, rum 'freakouts', samara morgan freakouts, sampling dragon's videos+voicemails, sessy anything, sessy knickers, siouxsie sioux, smoothie freakouts, staying off the hellbus, steve jobs' signature, stomping, strobe lights, the apple lisa, the boss fz-2, the mercy in you, tom morello, tommy walter, tormenting children, tormenting cool kids, tormenting emofucks, tormenting infants, tormenting insulent whelps, tormenting morons, tormenting the elderly, tormenting toddlers, ulf "buddha" ekberg, vinyl anything, vinyl knickers, wanting fun, warren zevon, xanga haters, yukon jack