b. suspiria shoop (excitableboy) wrote in returners,
b. suspiria shoop

as i said, work is still 'demos first, showoffiness second'. for AAAGES i couldn't quite figure out what i wanted to do with the chorus of deepest sleep but by the end of project runway tonight i had it naaaaailed.

ivy sounds better now, sunstar's demo is complete but i'm not sold on the bridge, i retracked vocals on the autumn song demo so now it's totally tits, and the rewrite of saguaro is stumping me. there are only maybe 8 or so lines to fix but i need to get it right... it's an important song. also, faith in me will be completely overhauled. the '02 version isn't cutting it. needs to be more of a freakout. polishing the last 3 tracks of the LP is still the hardest part. everything else i didn't mention is pretty much written, which rules.

recent listening: bought dave gahan's 'hourglass'...... the first two tracks and 'a little lie' are great, but the rest may take some getting used to. also trying to get back into the beatles, but that's cos i reread lewinsohn's [sp?] recording sessions book more than anything. usual diet of manics/placebo/qotsa too, you know how it is.

apologies to anyone who's been waiting, i'm basically too busy making sure the wait's worth it. i envy the clueless people yet to be blown away though... they never had to suffer through the waiting, hah... i'll make it up to you...


PS: annihilated still sucks. don't know what to do there yet. it will take more cooks.

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