b. suspiria shoop (excitableboy) wrote in returners,
b. suspiria shoop

-recording is going at a snail's pace. AS I MAY HAVE STATED REPEATEDLY, i'm interested in having the majority of the FINAL LP DEMOS done before i get the EP out so we can IMMEDIATELY hammer the LP after the EP's out.

-annihilated will be done MAYBE by the end of the month... baby steps. this is major shit i need to get right from the start, etc etc etc.

I AM SO SO SO SORRY i don't update as much as i should.
life is hard. you probably know this.
we all know that there is a point in the future where everything will come flooding out.
this flood will never end.
then we'll wonder how we ever survived without quiet moments like these.
but you know and i know that these quiet moments suck, right? :>

all the love in the world,

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