b. suspiria shoop (excitableboy) wrote in returners,
b. suspiria shoop

i'm no good at maintaining this internet crap.
i can tell you that for once there aren't necessarily a million excuses to why there's no EP yet, etc etc...
what it comes down to is it's taken me this long that it absolutely has to be perfect. does axl have me beat? nah, not at all.

i HAVE however been thinking that i've been thinking the right way. it's not me that's important, it's the music. it sort of feels like it's welling up and ready to crush me. i think i said something along the lines of 'i'm willing to let the music kill me' or something a little while ago and i totally am. i'm teaching myself the hard way how to let it humble me and i hope i've finally let it win. some of it's tough... the EP seems to be a tougher nut to crack than i thought and now the LP seems to be the easier stuff to relate to. that's very good though cos i meant for the LP to be more autobiographical.

i'm gonna shut up now. tonight's agenda is working on some squalls of something for 'cold noise', and developing the riffage for 'deepest sleep'. it has riffage now!

there are so many people i don't want to let down. if you're reading this right this second, you're at the top of the list.


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