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i'm standing here in a desert making this entry. sky is more of a powder blue than anything, ground is closer to pale than gold (ground means sand by the way... it's weird thinking of sand as 'ground'...) and i'm also pretty sure my fingertips are on fire. good thing i never left the living room.

may have figured out the class system... subdivsion within the group... keep in mind i'm trying to predict the future in a severe way...

II: anyway, this book i'm reading is ridiculous... it's making me think i've read it before when i haven't... doing things supernatural and isolated to books... as if 'books' can't be somewhat redefined... remind me to write it first.

everything here is downright contradictory. schizoferal, even.

oh hell i just shocked myself (not electrically).

~brian shoop, returner.

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