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so a while ago i posted that list of every demo ever... there's been more since then, and i'd post the updated list buuuuuut now there are demos for the second album on there... ;D

anyway, i stumbled across a bunch of stuff that was missing from the master vault of demos:
the numbers are the dates they were either recorded to moved to hard disk from the fourtrack in yyyymmdd form.

Ivy 20021031
Ivy 20021231
Ivy 20030121 Vox
P.L.E. 200210
P.L.E. 200211
Bitter Wind 200210
Annihilated 20050625 Vox
Time Away 200210 1
Time Away 200210 2
Time Away 20021215
M 20021113
Marietta Fireworks 20021215
Movies Of Dead People Feb 2005 Chorus Seed
Movies Of Dead People Feb 2005 Prechorus Seed
Dead Men Tell No Tales Mar 2005 Pittsburgh Seed
Dead Men Tell No Tales Spring 2005 Original Demo

pretty cool... tomorrow night i'm giving shandias what's basically a skeletal cd consisting of the EP and LP back to back in demo form, and thursday we'll spend all day recording at his apartment. i'm hoping most of all that we can K.O. the EP version of saguaro, and get some work done on MODP and monica, wait.


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