b. suspiria shoop (excitableboy) wrote in returners,
b. suspiria shoop

a vast majority of work is to be completed this week. calls to be made, distances to be driven, things to be carried.

a seed for a new song has popped into my head as of late, but i don't know what to make of it. first it felt like it could be a bonus addition to the EP, then i thought it'd be suitable for the second episode... now it looks like it could be busted apart to fill the holes in one of the weaker LP tracks. by the end of the week i think i'll know.

some other old stuff popped up again too... something meant for the original version of 'a word of warning' (back when it was still either going to be 'the sunstar EP' or 'dirty bomb') might resurface, and another little treat made in the midst of some afternoon darkness looks like it'll find a completely different place to belong altogether. good thing i just typed this last paragraph out as i don't know if i'd remember it otherwise, there's too much going on.


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