April 10th, 2008

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i started the returners project in 1998. multiple other people (in the past two or three years specifically) have started attempting to use the name 'the returners' to some extent. over the past month it became clear that my repeated failures in getting anything off the ground have screwed me terminally... basically there's no way i can get the name back from any of these people. which is pretty funny cos i've sort of been fearing this / having panic attacks about this / losing sleep over this for about 2 years. so fuck it. i'm walking away, i don't give a shit, etc. i still have the songs i've written, i just get to start everything else from scratch. frankly this means having a severe identity crisis and a whole lot less hope. but i'm going to do what i've done for a quarter of a century now, and keep faking everything. so someday (doubtful!) if i don't die (pretty likely!) you might hear from me (or not!). so whatever.

in the meantime, i'm going to redo brianshoop.com so it's actually a website like it's supposed to be instead of some lame placeholder thing.

the label is still functioning and will become a full-fledged thing soon:www.feralchildrecords.com
however due to some weirdness the boards are down.

tim is still busy and can be reached at myspace.com/mistercqnzr as usual.

keep an eye out for raymond's side project soon. i shall not mention it's name this far in advance for fear of it being stolen by some california rockabilly band or perhaps by some eastern european 'rappers'. (bitter much?)

IF YOU ADDED THE RETURNERS JOURNAL TO YR LIVEJOURNAL FRIENDS LIST, keep it on for the time being as i may simply rename it and keep using it. i'll let you know.

if anyone knows any last ditch legal shit i can do for free to immolate whoever tried to horn in on my joy, lemme know. also, anyone interested in a domain name? it cost me $200, hah...

it's funny, meant for this to be an 'onward and upward' sort of message but it seemed a hell of a lot more hilarious to tell the truth instead.